“Once he started getting older and the novelty wore off I really started having a hard time. From about months 3-11 the lack of sleep really started to get to me, and the tedium of being at home…From the moment I saw him I cried and always loved him, but I just had a hard time figuring out the right balance between what he needed and what I needed. There’s never been a lack of love, it’s just figuring out how to fit him into my life and what my life looks like now.”

In this episode, my guest Ana speaks out about the challenges she faced during pregnancy and delivery, and how she struggled to balance her own needs for stimulation outside the home with the demands of new motherhood. She also talks about hiring a sleep trainer, and the impact that this first year of new parenthood has had on her marriage. I’m sure this episode will resonate with a lot of you! Thanks for listening.


* * * *

Connect with Ana: http://www.anareisdorf.com/about

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