Episode 11: Listen Here!

“’Grace’ to me is treating myself with a whole lot of compassion, and really sinking into that loving kind voice that we all have access to. And I focused on that the whole time I was going through the pregnancy; when things would be out of control, when I felt hormonal, when I felt crazy— I’d be high and low within a couple of hours— and that was so out not like me, and I felt so out of control of my emotions. Having to practice grace with myself was really having to walk my talk.”


In this episode, my guest Megan Hale tells us about the difficult conversations she had with her husband in the lead up to growing their family, and how her traumatic birth impacted both of them and their plans for future children. She also speaks beautifully on the topic of grace, and how she kept a compassionate inner narrative, even when things weren’t going how she hoped they would. Lastly, Megan explains how her and her husband were able to reconnect after the birth of their baby, and how they are prioritizing sex in this new season of life.


* * * * * * *

Megan Hale, MA, BCC
Relationship Coach | Speaker | Podcast Host
p: The Enoughness Revolution on iTunes
w: Megan-Hale.com   e: livetrue@megan-hale.com

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